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Adding natural stone countertops throughout your home is an easy way to beautify its interior design. As gorgeous as natural stones like granite and marble are, they are unfortunately prone to damage and staining. You can offset this downside by making sure you seal your countertops. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should seal your natural stone countertops: 

1. Natural stone is porous 

Porous? Like Spongebob Squarepants? Well, essentially, yes. What this means for your granite or marble countertop is that it is prone to absorbing whatever liquid is spilled on its surface— be it a little bit of olive oil or a bottle of wine. 

Sealing it instead would make the fluids either bead up or spread across the surface as they would any other countertop. 

2. It’ll prevent staining

As we said, the porosity of natural stone means it’ll soak up whatever is spilled on top. Meaning, if you haven’t sealed your granite countertop and you have a little bit of a red wine-o no-no moment on its surface, you’ll have to make your peace with a purple stained countertop (or get a new one installed). It’d probably be better to save yourself some grief and money, and go ahead and seal the natural stone. 

3. It’ll prevent etching

What is “etching,” you say? It’s those ugly dull spots that acidic foods and substances leave on our precious natural stone countertops if we don’t clean it off fast enough. Sealing your countertops will protect them from the likes of citrus foods and bleach. 

4. They’ll become much more hygienic 

If we haven’t mentioned the porosity of natural stone countertops like granite and marble, fear not! Here we go again. Since the stones are porous in nature, they not only absorb the fluids spilled on their surface, but they also soak in a bunch of bacteria and germs! Oh no— how can we prevent such a thing? (wink, wink) 

Make sure you seal those natural stone countertops.