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Updating your kitchen countertops is very exciting. After all, the kitchen is where you and your family spend the most time. Additionally, updated kitchens help to increase the value of your home when you go to sell it. When you are picking out countertops there are several things that you should consider.

The number one choice for countertops is granite. The main issue with choosing granite is that it can be quite expensive. While it is definitely worth the cost, if you cannot afford granite for your remodel, there are some other style options available as well. Other types of natural stone such as limestone, marble, and soapstone, are great as well. However, these stones are softer and will require a greater level of care.

Concrete is becoming more popular as a countertop option. It can be customized using pigments, comes in several finishes, and is very affordable. However, concrete countertops need to be sealed several times each year to keep them looking their best.

Wood countertops create a warm look in your kitchen, but once again upkeep can be tricky. The most affordable countertop option available is laminate. There are many varieties of laminate available and they all look quite nice.