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Quartz stone countertops, unlike granite or marble, are not solid slabs when found in nature. Quartz is a natural mineral found in crystal form when out in “the wild,” so they are not large enough to form a full countertop the way that other natural stone slabs can. For this reason, they undergo a specific manufacturing process that makes engineered stone slabs out of randomly sized quartz crystals, colored pigments and resins.

Since a quartz slab is made of about 93% quartz and 7% resin, depending on the manufacturer, they are nonporous. This means they are the easiest to care for and never need to be sealed. They are also the most hygienic natural stone countertops, do not stain or scratch easily, and are not affected by acidic foods.

Direct, harsh sunlight can fade the color of quartz, and extreme heat can mar the resin, but in all other aspects, quartz is the most durable natural stone countertop you can find due to the unique manufacturing process that other natural stone does not undergo.

To find a large selection of beautiful quartz slabs in every color and style you can imagine for your next natural stone countertop installation, come visit the Architecture Stones showroom.