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Your home bathroom is a huge part of the value that your home creates through the interior. Without that value, the property as a whole diminishes. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to increase value.

Where to Start With Bathroom Design


You can never go wrong with starting on your countertops. Countertops and cabinets really are the lifeblood of both your kitchen and bathroom. When done effectively, you set yourself up for long-term value.


Your floors are going to go a long way as well. Without perfect complementary floors to the rest of the room, something will always feel off. Your key to success here is finding a color that matches the tone of your bathroom. Are you looking for a more modern look, or have you always preferred rustic? Make sure that each of these characteristics go hand-in-hand to create cohesion in your bathroom design.

What Really Sets a Bathroom Apart?

Design Technique

Depending on the experience of your installers, you’re going to see a variety of different results you should expect a variety of quality levels. For example, bathroom renovators with two years in business aren’t going to have the same tools as an industry leader that’s been operating for several decades. It’s painfully obvious here that you get what you paid for. Don’t sell your bathroom short. It deserves the quality that demands prestige and respect.


Accenting the room without overdoing it is a very fine line. You have to be careful to get the room just right. Otherwise, the accents will add too much color and overwhelm everything else you built. Don’t make this mistake. Take your time with accenting by gently applying the ideas first. Then, you can start to take steps beyond that.

Fun Patterns

Similar to accents, patterns can also easily overwhelm a room, so be careful here. Although, when done right, you can really make a difference with your bathroom’s patterned looks. Take a look at a variety of floral, woven, and other tile patterns. Then, once you find that perfect inspiration, get in touch with your local professionals to give your bathroom that pop it needs.

For all of your tile and stone fabrication needs, give us a call today. We’ll make sure your tile floors and counters are built to last with the best stone available. In granite, marble, and other varieties, we can quickly set your bathroom apart with wallet-friendly deals. Give us a call today to learn more!