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We at Veria Marble and Granite offer a large variety of porcelain slabs and countertops with expert fabrication services as well as installation. There are many benefits to using porcelain for home surfaces because it is made from China clay containing a high amount of kaolinite, silica, and feldspar (mineral oxides) which give porcelain its high level of strength and durability (because of its denseness). This also makes porcelain resistant to stain, high temperatures, scratching, and cracks.


We can add various pigmented glazes (you can choose a high-gloss glaze or a matte finish with or without patterns added) during the porcelain manufacturing process to add different colors and patterns to each unique slab. The best part about choosing porcelain for your home is that it is less porous compared to alternatives such as marble or granite which, in turn, significantly decreases the chance of it becoming stained in your kitchen or bathroom spaces.

The fabrication process is carried out by a stone fabricator. It is a job where artistry and technology come together to produce the finished product. Without industry experience, the fabricating process will most likely not produce the best result that our clients look for when they come to us. The stone fabricating machine will do its job to ensure that the edges of the porcelain are consistent around all sides of the stone. They will then be reviewed from all angles to ensure light bounces off of the edges uniformly and the color of the top of the stone matches well with the edges.


One of the last steps to getting your perfect porcelain fabricated and installed is to seal it. Since sealer does not degrade in an interior setting such as inside your home, it will not require much upkeep. However, you may want to reapply the sealer anywhere from 10 to 15 years down the line.

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