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Do you love to cook? It’s great fun throwing ingredients around in the kitchen to make a tasty meal. When you’re cooking, timing is everything. Adding the right ingredients to the dish at the right time ensures you get a flavorful and aromatic meal – and not a burned dinner.

Many cooks feel the need to forgo the cutting board when slicing and dicing. They cut on the countertop without a second thought. However, is it safe to cut on a countertop without a cutting board? Won’t you damage the surface?

Can I Cut on Hard Stone Countertops?

Yes, you can cut on stone countertops featuring materials like quartz and granite. The knife won’t scratch the surface or degrade the countertop. However, it’s important to note that cutting citrus fruits, like a slice of lemon for your water, might cause a noticeable dull spot on the counter.

The citric acid penetrates the stone, discoloring it. Typically, quartz has better scratch-resistant properties.

Can I Cut on Soft Stone Countertops?

Avoid chopping and slicing on a soft stone like limestone and marble countertops. Knives and other sharp tools scratch the stone, and citrus fruits stain the material. Pastry chefs enjoy marble countertops for the cool temperature properties of the stone. However, you’ll need to ensure you seal soft stones like limestone to prevent damage and stains.

Can I Cut on Synthetic or Wooden Countertops?

If you have a veneered or melamine countertop, your knife will scratch it. These countertops are cheap, but they don’t have the resilience and strength of stone. It’s also important to remember not to place any hot pans, pots, or grill trays on a synthetic or wooden surface as you’ll burn the material.

Stay Safe and Use a Cutting Board

Not only does a cutting board save your counter, but it also keeps your knife sharper for longer.