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Many homes boast granite counter tops because of the simple beauty of this natural stone. It is very durable and one of the easiest countertop choices to care for, making it a great choice for any kitchen upgrade that you might be considering. One thing that many people do not know about granite is where it comes from.

Granite is mined out of quarries located throughout the world. There are many types of granite and most come up from India and Brazil, but it can be found throughout the United States as well.

Granite is made of mostly quartz and feldspar. The stone is made through the cooling and then solidification of magma, which is a molten rock found deep in the ground. Explosives and powerful machines are used to remove the stone from the ground. Once it is removed it is then transported to facilities that will cut it into slabs. The slabs are then polished until they are smooth. Once the rough stone is smoothed out it is sent all throughout the world where it will ultimately be turned into a countertop in a kitchen or bathroom.