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The kitchen is the room in your home that you spend the most amount of time in. From cooking every meal and eating together, the kitchen is a place for gathering. If you are thinking about updating this well loved room in your home, there are a few appliances that you should consider. These three appliances are things that no modern kitchen should be without.

1. Smart Refrigerator

If you can afford it, upgrade your refrigerator. These newer refrigerators can do so much more than just make ice. A smart refrigerator has many wonderful features that will leave you wondering how you lived without them. From notifying you about food expiring, providing shopping lists, and allowing you to see inside the unit from your smartphone, these refrigerators really are convenient and helpful.

2. Air Fryer

Chances are you have a friend who has an air fryer. These little appliances are all the rage and this is for a very good reason. If you love fried food, but hate the way it makes you feel after eating it, an air fryer is just what you need. When you do not have time to make dinner, you can easily whip something up in the air fryer and have dinner on the table in less than thirty minutes. With this great kitchen appliance you will want to stay at home and cook, saving you money on all of those fast food runs.

3. Microwave Drawer

A microwave is pretty much a staple in any kitchen these days. However, there is now an even better version of this great appliance available and it is something that every modern kitchen should come with. The Micro-Wave is an appliance that sits under your counter and can extend counter space when opened. The best part is, you do not have to touch anything to open it, simply wave your hand.